Insurance agent

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Insurance agent

The insurance company representative and adviser who sells insurance policies.

Insurance Agent

A person licensed by a state and generally employed by an insurance company to sell insurance policies on the company's behalf. The agent generally receives a commission for this service. He/she attempts to extract the maximum value for the insurance company in all his/her dealings. An insurance agent should not be confused with an insurance broker or an insurance underwriter.

insurance broker


insurance agent

a person or firm which acts as an intermediary in bringing together clients seeking INSURANCE cover and INSURANCE COMPANIES offering suitable policies. In some cases the agent may simply introduce the two parties to each other and receive a commission from the insurance company; or the agent may be employed by a particular insurance company to sell insurance policies on its behalf, partly on salary and partly on commission. Insurance brokers are usually independent intermediaries who are able to negotiate with a number of insurance companies on behalf of clients in order to secure for them the most advantageous cover and terms, as well as handling claims and offering general insurance advice. Most of the larger insurance brokers are members of LLOYDS, a corporation of brokers and insurance companies. Insurance brokers are regulated by the FINANCIAL SERVICES AUTHORITY in accordance with various standards of good practice laid down under the FINANCIAL SERVICES ACT 1986.
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Global Banking News-April 3, 2015--Indian insurance agents will need to pass regulatory exams
Courts in several jurisdictions that have considered the question of whether a third party injured by someone has standing to bring a negligent procurement claim against the person's insurance agent have reached differing results.
To get more information on this Insurance Agents Predictive Dialer System please contact iDIALERpro at 888-503-3581.
Some contracts require the insurance agent to maintain a given production level to continue to receive commissions.
As a result, it is crucially important to our society for insurance agents as a group to be collectively pursuing families and reminding them to take the necessary steps to increase their financial security.
Many policyholders depend strictly on their insurance agents to inform them of the coverage and its exclusions.
The client asks why the CPA brought a particular insurance agent into the transaction.
color) Vic Nader, an insurance agent for State Farm Insurance in Canoga Park, now provides his clients with financial advice and sells mutual funds.
I decided to become an insurance agent in the early 1980s after the agent for the company I worked for at the time informed me that our health-insurance costs would be going up by 25 percent.
According to the definition contained in the Bill, a title insurance agent includes anyone who for commission or other compensation, in connection with the issuance of a title insurance policy:
This was in stark contrast to the 71% who said they want to work closely with an insurance agent when they make decisions about their homeowners coverage.
Some contracts require the insurance agent to maintain a production level to continue to receive commissions.

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