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Appointed Arkansas insurance commissioner in January 2005.
Life insurance products, which like regular life insurance provide tax-free money for beneficiaries upon a policyholder's death, are increasingly included in investors' financial portfolios.
If the insurance arrangement with a foreign captive is properly treated as insurance for Federal income tax purposes, the premiums paid with respect to such an insurance arrangement are subject to the FET.
How much will D & O insurance for a private company cost?
With off-season sports camps and clinics in vogue, coaches need liability and accident insurance for the camp/clinic he or she is going to conduct.
The definitions are provided by the IRMI/Glossary of Insurance and Risk Management.
Historically, nearly every camp director purchased Blanket Accident and Sickness Medical insurance for campers, and where appropriate, for staff.
Term Life Insurance--Term insurance is life insurance coverage that pays a death benefit only if the insured dies within a specified time period.
If your CPA firm has an insurance practice, you already may have been part of such a conversation.
86--Qualification and licensing requirements for insurance sales personnel.
But there are so many kinds of insurance that it's difficult for the average consumer to sort through the commission-hungry agents and insurance-speak to find out what you really need.
It can involve employers who buy no workers comp insurance policies and, therefore, pay no workers comp insurance premiums at all, or it can involve employers who buy policies but lower the cost of their premiums in fraudulent ways.