institutional broker

Institutional broker

A broker who buys and sells securities for institutional investors such as banks, and mutual funds, pensions.

Institutional Broker

A broker whose clients are predominantly or exclusively large, institutional investors. Examples of an institutional broker's clients include hedge funds and banks. Given the sheer size of the trades in which institutional investors engage, an institutional broker may specialize in these types of investors because the commissions, while small, add up to a significant amount.. See also: Block trade.

institutional broker

A broker specializing in security trades for institutions such as banks and pension funds. Institutions usually trade in large blocks that require special handling.
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In its most recent analysis, Plexus Group ranked Liquidnet as the 11th largest institutional broker for NASDAQ trades and the 13th largest institutional broker for NYSE trades.
an institutional broker, called the February report little more than "statistical catch-up" and derided the notion that "some great explosion" in economic activity had taken place when job growth in the first two months of 1996 was very similar to that in the comparable 1995 period.
CAPIS is an institutional broker specializing in global agency trading, independent research, commission management programs and soft-dollar programs.
a leading institutional broker and total solutions provider for global investment managers, today announced that Patrick J.
institutional broker specializing in global agency trading and commission management for asset managers and plan sponsors.
Capital Investment Services is a retail and institutional broker dealer and investment banking firm based in Coral Gables, Florida.
RJO exercised an option for more square footage on the floor that houses its institutional group, renovated and expanded the trading floor the firm established in 2010, and prepared space to attract new experienced teams of institutional brokers.
For corporations, RAW Communications webcasts events such as results presentations and related communications with the investment community, and for institutional brokers, RAW covers daily morning meetings.
The TIM is the leading alpha capture system used by institutional brokers to send long/short equity trade ideas to their hedge and quant fund and more traditional money manager clients, and for portfolio managers to easily demonstrate the value the sell-side provides by cutting through the flood of information and noise sent via emails and telephone calls.
ADVANCE/ NEW YORK /PRNewswire/ -- Median earnings of retail securities brokers in the United States rose 23 percent in 1992 to a record $78,227 from the previous high $63,613 in 1991, while median earnings of institutional brokers rose 4.

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