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Institutional Investor

A business devoted to holding and managing assets, either for clients or for itself. Examples include mutual funds, banks, holding companies, and brokerages. Institutional investors are important to placing new issues of stocks and bonds, as they can afford to buy more of an issue than individual investors.

institutional investor

An entity such as an insurance company, an investment company, a pension fund, or a trust department that invests large sums in the securities markets. Institutional investing has had an increasing impact on securities trading: as the institutions buy and sell huge blocks of the same securities during short periods of time, large security fluctuations ensue.

Institutional investor.

Institutional investors buy and sell securities in large volume, typically 10,000 or more shares of stock, or bonds worth $200,000 or more, in a single transaction.

In most cases, the investors are organizations with large portfolios, such as mutual funds, banks, university endowment funds, insurance companies, pension funds, and labor unions.

Institutional investors may trade their own assets or assets that they are managing for other people.

institutional investor

A large corporate investor in real estate and real estate securities, such as a pension fund, university, or insurance company.

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Only in recent years have institutional investors become big players in the life-settlement business, with most money coming from Germany.
Further doubts about the historic and present-day efficacy of institutional critique arise with laments over how bad things have become in an art world in which MOMA opens its new temporary-exhibition galleries with a corporate collection, and art hedge funds sell shares of single paintings.
TLG is dedicated to providing clients with research, strategic counsel, and integrated/interactive marketing services (print and web) that result in the effective marketing of authentic, institutional brand identities.
To empower the institutional investment community and improve the investment decision-making process we must continually seek out the most advanced sources of data and the finest analytical tools to support the critical work of our stakeholders," said Jim Morrissey, chief executive officer and president of InvestorForce.
A new survey of two of the annuals' principal players -- the institutional investor and the corporate financial officer (CFO) -- strongly suggests that perhaps all the howling is unfair and unfounded.
The not so evident issues related to power, privilege and oppression, which are outgrowths of historically racist institutional polices and practices, are crucial to understanding how racial prejudice and institutional racism, both which are surrounded by denial and ignorance, prevail.
Disney was forced to lower its original asking price of as much as $200 million as concerns emerged over Institutional Investor's 23 newsletters having lost market share in recent years to on-line services.
The roots of institutional child care in the United States reach well back into the first half of the nineteenth century.
As portfolio managers, each will be responsible for servicing specific clients; as members of the Portfolio Committee, they will also direct the significant portfolio decisions for JMB Institutional funds and properties.
Recent assignments of the Newmark Institutional Management Group services, include 660 Madison Avenue, 40 Fulton Street, and the Christiania Building in Tarrytown, New York.
Lerach Coughlin is the proven leader in investor protection and the law firm of choice for the largest pension funds and institutional investors in the world.
Such data provide ongoing information about the percentage of students receiving institutional aid, the percent of students showing need, etc.

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