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The third step is to instantiate the information-need template with the data obtained from the EPR (the active concepts of the semantic types).
Benning, Georgia, Adayana will utilize its distributed, collaborative, low overhead learning technology and instantiate a persistent on-line training venue where geographically distributed trainees and instructors can engage one another in honing battle staff skills for planning tactical responses to realistic tactical problems and scenarios.
A key point here is that, while there is Christian knowledge, possession of this knowledge is not sufficient to make one an authentic Christian self, as this is a matter of seeking to live as a Christian, to instantiate the will of God in Christ.
Developers can also save 30 to 45 percent of the logic capacity available in the two Virtex-5 devices and lower power consumption by eliminating the need to instantiate multiple clients per channel.
Contract awarded for Artistic participation instantiate relieve communal territorial identity, local culture and projections cultural center.
He argues for moderate separatism by pointing to two ordinary experiences which instantiate the same sensory phenomenology, but differ with regard to their intentional content.
He claims that artifactual kinds, such as furniture, might not be real, even questioning the view that the individuals that instantiate those unreal kinds might be real, since they instantiate some other (real) kind; so, he notes: "If this means that my kitchen table does not really exist, so be it
Equally important, several of these new capabilities will open new markets for partners and us, particularly with those enterprises seeking to instantiate best practices across their organizations.
4) Instantiate CCFIB in VR/AR settings to enhance engagement with virtual environments, develop VR/AR as a training platform in clinical and recreational contexts and to demonstrate how reactions to rapid threats fluctuate with cardiac cycle, motivating corresponding changes in sensitivity of user interfaces (e.
ADI s world-class IDE allows the engineer to easily instantiate and configure these robust and market tested embedded software components thus saving valuable time during development of their products.