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Meanwhile, KOTC CEO Sheikh Talal Al-Sabah and Sam-hyun Ka, who serves as President and Inside Director of Hyundai Heavy Industries, put their names on the dotted line in a ceremony that brought together officials from both companies.
In addition to director characteristics, they find that a cash acquisition will reduce the likelihood of inside director retention.
However, no significant association is found between inside director equity and liquidity, a finding that is explained later.
POSCO held a board meeting on January 16th and unanimously carried a resolution to nominate President Oh-joon Kwon as the candidate for CEO, as inside director.
He remains a nominee for the board, but the role of CFO would make him an inside director.
To test for any influence of ownership structure on charter value, we gather data on inside director ownership and outside blockholder ownership.
Following previous work (Hallock, 1997), we focus on interlocked directors that involve one inside director and one outside director since these types of interlocks are the most likely to compromise the monitoring effectiveness of boards.
My first corporate board positions were as an inside director on boards of banks owned by the holding company where I was an officer.
A board with increased inside director participation is likely to have lower board involvement in running the business.
0 Percentage of Firms that Have at Least One Member Who Is: Inside Director 99.
The inside director finding is especially telling, as it suggests little promise for an increase in female CEOs given that the most common succession route is through service as an inside director.
We want to see what's inside director George Lucas' head.