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An entrance or, in the context of real estate, the right to enter a property.


A way of entry.

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Finally, furrow initiation appears to be more robust than ingression and abscission, as only a small subset of the activated eggs that showed furrow activity tended to complete cytokinesis.
Because different levels (and types) of political ingression bring about different results, both in terms of a lower output and of a lower rate of capital formation, their impact on the standard of living enjoyed by the population is going to differ from one territory to the other.
These women paralleled the response by American society to women's ingression into the workforce.
The repercussions of the ingression into prison are more negative for the females, their children, families or in the context, as well as being more exposed and attended with less quality in the penitentiary system.
The seeds were then wrapped in aluminum foil and placed in a plastic envelope, allowing no ingression of water, and kept in a water bath at 40[degrees]C for 48h.
These cycles reflect the transition from late-Variscan transtension to early Alpine extension and opening of the Neotethys Ocean with progressive westward marine ingression (Cassinis et al, 2012; Lago et al, 2004a).
The presence of allochthonous detritus sediments enhanced the abundance of detritivores like Oligochaetes (Manoharan et al, 2006)[34] which confirms the peak of annelid population during September at St I and II due to the ingression of allochthonous material into the wetland from catchment area during monsoon rains.
This reduces air velocity, which then stops further snow and rain ingression (Figure 1).
The continuous level measurement and inventory monitoring sensor is designed to prevent the ingression of dust into the electronics cavity of the sensor to protect critical components and enhance durability.
Additionally, they also have best-in-class IP65 and IP67 protection against dirt and moisture ingression, and best-in-class 85 deg C ambient temperature ratings.
The XT-3 reader is designed for outdoor installations classified for the IP65 level of ingression protection.
Aircraft fuel consumption is reduced by significant values, debris buildup is at an absolute minimum and triple O provides protective coatings properties that inhibit corrosion ingression on surfaces.