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An entrance or, in the context of real estate, the right to enter a property.


A way of entry.

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Finally, Beroalde's style encourages the transmutation of topics by ingressions of questions that push self-reflexivity to self-destructive fusion.
Some of the key technologies are online monitoring of the hermetic layer during fiber production, as well as high pressure, high temperature, hydrogen ingression testing.
It is likely that in these crystalline aggregates there is some ingression of the polymeric phase, as otherwise it is fairly hard to conceive the interfaces alone of a micron-sized additive having such an influence on the bulk of the polymer molecules and inducing a change in molecular mobility seen in either a DSC or DMA trace.
The fault slip, which caused permanent land subsidence of several meters (3) and ingression of sea water, resulted in the displacement of most survivors, many of whom were forced to live in temporary camps on higher ground for periods of more than a year.
I would prefer to call this dearth of the public realm a lack of public place--an absence of concrete, perceptible locales that allow for bodily ingression as well as for collective historicity.
Since its inception in 2008, MDS, LLC has won numerous SBIR/STTR Phase I and Phase II awards related to environmental degradation of high temperature polymer and ceramic matrix composites subjected to thermal oxidation, fatigue, moisture ingression and mechanical loading.
In addition, the splash seal provides protection from moisture ingression in a wide variety of applications," said Chuck Manzano, Product Specialist for Bourns, Inc.
g]'s decreased substantially due to water ingression, and again, linearly with rubber concentration.
Mold and fungal resistant polyurethane film prevents moisture and debris ingression
At least five distinct phenomena are involved during dissolution of PLGA in chloroform: 1) solvent ingression into the polymer particle, 2) particle swelling, 3) chain disentanglement, or reptation, 4) chain disengagement from the solvent-gel interface, and 5) chain diffusion across the liquid boundary layer.
Cytokinesis involves the ingression of the membrane in the middle of cells to separate, much like a sausage would require the tightening of a string around it to divide into links.
One construction method used for FiberSpares(TM) is a proprietary, tailorable grid-stiffened structure that improves damage tolerance and resists moisture ingression.