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It is our opinion that open surgical excision should be reserved after arthroscopic exploration of the knee joint for large ganglion cysts arising from the infrapatellar fat pad.
Common sites of deposition included the infrapatellar fat pad, patellofemoral compartment, and intercondylar fossae.
In magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the knee, ossifying structures were apparently hypointense in the infrapatellar fat pad in the direct graph in sagittal T1-weighted images.
Infrapatellar fat pad becomes impinged on the anterior knee, leading to Hoffa's disease, which presents with pain, dysfunction and effusion.
In case of trauma, patients will present with acute knee pain, exacerbated with activities and in patients with impingement of inflamed infrapatellar fat pad between femoropatellar and femorotibial articular surfaces suffer from chronic knee pain.
Fibrous Scar in the Infrapatellar Fat Pad after Arthroscopy: MR Imaging.