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Maybuena pointed out the relevance of establishing an information office with a person duly employed to run such office.
The new Customer Information Office is located on Platform 2 at Durham and provides live service information and additional inside seating.
An emergency response has been launched and various measures taken for treatment of the patients as well as disease prevention and control, the information office said.
The news comes a year after Marketing Birmingham closed the dedicated Tourist Information Offices in New Street and at Birmingham Airport.
A HOUSE is being converted into an information office so the public can be kept up to date with the West Rhyl regeneration scheme.
Firdous Ashiq Awan on Friday strongly condemned sabotaging of information office of Pakistan Peoples Party in Sialkot established for helping the people living in the remote areas.
Beijing, May 4(ANI): The Chinese government has established the State Internet Information Office to direct, coordinate and supervise online content management and handle the administration of online news reporting.
On August 4 2009, former head of the European Parliament Information office in Sofia, Toon Streppel, and his partner Barbara Couwenbergh said goodbye to friends and colleagues with a reception in the Radisson hotel in Sofia.
ERZURUM, Jun 6, 2009 (TUR) -- The European Union (EU) will open an information office in an eastern Turkish province, an EU diplomat said on Friday.
The Turkish Embassy in Kyrgyzstan has denied information about shots fired by unidentified individuals into the its Cultural and Information Office in Bishkek.
Stephanie Foster, who is training to be a postal courier, will be on hand at the town's Army Careers Information Office at Kirkgate to talk about her experiences and give advice.
Indeed, since being set up in 2007, the Bottled Water Information Office has worked tirelessly to ensure people are in possession of all the facts about bottled water so they can make an informed choice to continue enjoying it.
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