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8 billion industry actually stimulated nearly $90 billion of economic output in 2005, the latest year for which data are available.
I will also look at the evolution of the industry as a whole and what is going on in our customer base.
Because each Industry had its own separate management structure (up to and including an Industry Director), it was conceivable to have multiple lines of Industry management "touching" a single office.
Power producers face only local or regional competition, so they can pass higher compliance costs through to their customers while globally competitive industries, like the forest products industry, cannot.
metalcasting industry had 11 speakers (nine were representatives of AFS) provide statements on its behalf and three other representatives (including AFS President Chuck Kurtti) available to respond to questions before six commissioners of the ITC.
Traditional explanations for the consolidation of the defense industry based on decreased defense spending are not consistent with a long-term view of the industry.
STRIDE--Systems Targeting Resource Integration for Dairy Excellence--is designed to help the dairy industry avoid this path by proactively developing and implementing management systems that assure every business is consistently exceeding quality standards in the areas of animal health, animal welfare, food safety and the environment, which are all hot buttons targeting consumer confidence.
South Africa's forestry industry developed because the country has little in the way of natural indigenous timber reserves--just 1,158 square miles total.
Today, the Industry Specialization Program maintains these broad range goals.
However, its supremacy in the industry has been challenged by the rising power of several other Asian countries, which have received excellent government support in terms of policy.
The expansion and development of the industry beyond North America and Europe to Latin America.

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