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Boston, MA: The Bookshop for Boys and Girls, The Women's Educational and Industrial Union.
Speakers include Steve Miller, President and CEO, American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity; Abe Breehey, Director of Government Affairs at International Brotherhood of Boilermakers; James Hunter, Director of Utilities, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers; Bob Baugh, Executive Director, AFL-CIO Industrial Union Council; Bill Banig, Director of Government Affairs, United Mine Workers of America; and Douglas Jeavons, Managing Director, BBC Research & Consulting.
The United Steelworkers is the largest industrial union in North America and representing more than 850,000 workers.
The USW members will meet with leaders from the FNV oil workers union at Shell and LyondellBasell in the Netherlands today through Wednesday and then travel to London on Thursday to meet with leaders from Unite the Union, the largest industrial union in Great Britain and Ireland.
The USW is the largest industrial union in North America and represents more than 850,000 members in the United States and Canada.
LUGANO, Switzerland & CHICAGO -- Duferco International Trading Holding Limited ("Duferco"), along with Industrial Union of Donbass ("ISD") and Esmark Incorporated ("Esmark") today announced that they have reached an agreement in principle whereby Duferco/ISD would make available up to 1.
Challenging the financialization of capital markets is one of several new initiatives at the USW, North America's largest industrial union.
2 million workers and retirees and is the largest industrial union in North America.
These volumes offer astonishingly different interpretations of the success of the industrial union movement itself.
The existence of competing types of social work in settlement houses, industrial unions, and hospitals between 1890 and 1920, the contested definitions of "professional," and the attempts to recast social workers' public images revealed the politics of identity and middle-class formation at work.
Sweeney was elected president of the AFL-CIO in 1995, over the opposition of the old industrial unions.
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