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Describing a company or economy that engages largely or exclusively in the manufacture of products. An industrial company, for example, makes a good, which it then sells either to retailers or directly to consumers. An industrial economy is characterized by having a disproportionate amount of its GDP growth in industrial companies and government agencies. See also: Industrial Revolution.


Of or related to companies engaged in the manufacture of products. The word also can refer to firms engaged in distribution. For example, Sears is classified as an industrial company for purposes of calculating the Dow Jones Averages, but it is included as a retailer rather than as an industrial in Fortune magazine's annual survey of America's largest firms.
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Comparison between Power/Utility Boilers and Industrial Boilers II-27
Industrial liners, the second largest industrial film sector, represented a little over 1.
Despite these barriers, the future for industrial biotech in the pulp and paper industry looks bright.
The IDA Ren is on is totally different (from) what we have been working on for the last few years, a set of policies and recommendations so we can preserve and expand our industrial base.
In Nassau, the industrial vacancy rate at the end of the 2006 third quarter was down to 6.
Such analysis is valuable not only in industrial settings--for instance by breaking motor skills into their basic elements (Simpson, 1972) to provide valuable information for trainers of manual workers--it is also clearly appropriate in the post-industrial workplace.
On November 27, the Federal Reserve Board will publish revisions to the index of industrial production (IP), to the related measures of capacity and capacity utilization, and to the index of industrial use of electric power.
Independent Machine Company Industrial Rubber Machinery Inc.
Industrial Way, Canton, GA, 30115 tel: 770/720-6100 fax: 770/720-6109#
In 1874 the board reported on the conditions of the state's rivers, and in 1876 the board spent most of its report on the pollution of the state's waters by sewage and industrial wastes.
Salaries for corporate video industrials are defined by category.
From the introduction of government-sponsored iron mills, foundries, textile mills, and shipyards at the start of Japan's modernization in the 1870s, to the creation of the computer industry out of nothing in the 1960s, to the present encouragement of software, nanotechnology, and advanced materials, Japan's entire development has owed much to its highly original industrial policy.

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