individual account

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Individual Account

An account at a brokerage, bank, company or anywhere that a single person is responsible for debits and credits thereto. An individual account contrasts with a joint account and a partnership account, both of which may have more than one account holder.

individual account

A brokerage account opened in the name of one person. Compare joint account.
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So one factor with individual accounts is that the chances that the government will be able to expropriate your wealth are substantially less than if the government holds the wealth and changes the benefit formula.
The government has authorized 21 pension funds to manage and invest money in the individual accounts.
There is a disturbing trend in the beverage industry that has a major impact on individual account effectiveness.
Chapter 10, "Regulation of Withdrawals in Individual Account System," by Jan Walliser, suggests that the regulation of withdrawals from individual accounts has to strike a balance between flexible arrangements that can accommodate individual circumstances and the reduction of adverse selection affecting the pricing of insurance products.
MassMutual Selected as New Retirement Plan Provider for The Western States Insulators & Allied Workers Individual Account Plan
The introduction of an individual account would only increase the coefficient of variation of benefit levels by 16 percent to 33 percent because uncertainty about real wage growth and inflation already cause significant uncertainty about future benefits under current law.
Under an individual account system, mobile workers might not merge accounts when they change jobs.
Citing a recent study by the Center on Budget Policy Priorities, Jones says that individual accounts would significantly increase federal borrowing for at least several decades, increasing deficits and borrowing by $1 trillion to $5.
GAO focuses on (1) adjustments to existing PAYG national pension programs, (2) the creation or reform of national pension reserve funds to partially pre-fund PAYG pension programs, and (3) reforms involving the creation of individual accounts.
Effective 2007, the PPA provides for a prohibited transaction exemption for certain investment advice to participants in individual account plans.
They examine the United Kingdom's use of "carving-out" individual accounts; Australia's mandated "add-on" individual account approach; and Canada's introduction of equity investments using the "trust fund investment" approach.
404a-5 which addresses fiduciary requirements for disclosure in participant-directed individual account plans.

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