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First we retrieve the list of proceedings matching the key words "object database Wang" based on a path-based indexer.
You can learn the principles and practice of indexing by doing the Society of Indexers (SI) distance learning course.
DNA sequencing by indexer walking relies on a set of 256 presynthesized adaptors that can be ligated to DNA fragments produced by type IIS restriction endonucleases that generate ambiguous 4-nt 5' overhangs.
Powered by ISYS Search, SolSearch Indexer can index content from document management systems (such as Interwoven), RDBMS systems (including SQL Server and Oracle), file systems, websites and email systems.
As we reported in August, its MeltFloW @on is the company's first melt indexer.
A professional indexer since 1965, and with more than 600 indexes to her credit, Hazel K.
Torok has been active in the information industry for four decades, working as a teacher, researcher, indexer, and abstractor.
An indexer moves the pallet cars and molds through the line, including the set-on station of the weight and jacket shifter mechanism.
This did not surprise me, since they were repeaters of the AOA indexer in the cockpit.
Asyst's SMIF family of products include SMIF-LPT[TM], SMIF-LPI[TM], SMIF-VersaPort[TM], SMIF-Indexer[TM] (INX) and Narrow Reticle Indexer (NRI).
The addition of the indexer is unique on this type of antenna and allows scientists to easily and quickly change or "tune" the radio frequency of one or more antennas during any scientific experiment.
The company's melt indexer features an advanced heating system and many new and improved features for the measurement of melt flow rate or melt volume rate in quality control and research applications.