independent broker

Independent broker

NYSE member who executes orders for floor brokers and firms other than its own.

Two-Dollar Broker

A broker who conducts trades for another broker's client because the second broker is too busy to do so. The commission the client pays goes to his/her own broker, but the two dollar broker receives a portion from the other broker. Originally, this commission was $2, but now it is negotiated between the two brokers.

independent broker

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We are pleased to have Eric join our recruiting team as Signator continues to grow as an independent broker dealer," said Heapps.
Life App Express is averaging about 3,560 unique producer and independent broker visits per month, and the company reported an initial 50% increase in new cases since its launch.
Friends and relatives referred Thomas to Fields, the independent broker with National Securities: "At our first meeting," recalls Thomas, "he didn't try to sell me anything.
Once having identified a likely trade, the manager must hire an independent broker to perform the trade, since by law neither the manager nor an affiliate can do so.
Distribution: Career agents, independent brokers, wirehouses, banks, other financial institutions, regional independent broker-dealers
The advisors are asked to rank their independent broker dealer on various service aspects and department efficiencies.
Additional metrics from the InvestmentNews survey show comparable success, demonstrating Centaurus Financial's leadership amongst independent broker dealers based on the success achieved by the independent financial advisors associated with the firm.
of El Segundo, CA has been honored with a recognition by InvestmentNews in its selection of "Top Independent Broker Dealers.
Search engine results for the search phrase "top independent broker dealers" and numerous others phrases rank Investors Capital Corporation in the top broker/dealer spot due to the firm's recent focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
This expansion effort reasserts our confidence in the independent broker- dealer channel," said Greg Farley, managing director, Independent Broker Dealer Division, AFDinc.
2 /PRNewswire/ -- MFI Investments Corp, an independent broker dealer based out of Bryan, Ohio, is now known by a different name.
New Structure Allows Memphis-Based Brokerage Firm to Capitalize on a Growing Trend toward Independent Broker Arrangements, Yielding Broader Coverage and Faster Growth for the Company

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