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Agreement between lender and borrower that details specific terms of the bond issuance. Specifies legal obligations of bond issuer and rights of bondholders. An indenture spells out the specific terms of a bond, as well as the rights and responsibilities of both the issuer of the security and the holder.


A contract for a bond. An indenture sets the terms of the bond; for example, it includes the coupon rate, the period until maturity, and whether the bond comes with any special features like convertibility or whether it is callable. All bonds must have an indenture. Indentures are usually summarized in a bond's prospectus.


A legal contract between a bond issuer and its lenders that specifies the terms of the issue. Typical provisions are the amount and dates of interest payments, name of the trustee, maturity date, collateral, restrictions on dividends or other borrowing, and specifics of a sinking fund or potential calls. It is the trustee's job to ensure that the terms of the indenture are fulfilled. Also called bond indenture, trust deed. See also covenant.


An indenture is a written contract between a bond issuer and bond holder that is proof of the bond issuer's indebtedness and specifies the terms of the arrangement, including the maturity date, the interest rate, whether the bond is convertible to common stock, and, if so, the price or ratio of the conversion.

The indenture, which may be called a deed of trust, also includes whether the bond is callable -- or can be redeemed by the issuer before it matures -- what property, if any, is pledged as security, and any other terms.

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Although there can be no assurance that the Company will meet this schedule, the Company intends to file the Third Quarter 10-Q and to provide copies of that report (including its third quarter financial statements) to the trustee under the indentures on or before December 24, 2006, which would be in time to cure any default that might be declared under the indentures as a result of the delayed filing of the Third Quarter 10-Q.
New York time) on October 24, 2006 of its Senior Notes, to approve a proposed amendment to the indenture for its Senior Notes to extend the time for the Company to file the Third Quarter 10-Q no later than February 23, 2007.
This press release contains "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 that involve risks and uncertainties, including statements with respect to the Company's cure of the alleged defaults under the indentures governing the notes.
However, following execution of the supplemental indentures, all holders of the applicable Notes will be entitled to receive special interest.
In addition, the restatement may require more time than anticipated to complete, and there can be no assurance that the restatement will be completed, and the Form 10-Q the quarter ended March 31, 2006 filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, prior to an Event of Default occurring under the indentures governing the Notes.
However, the covenant levels contained in REIT bond indentures generally prevent credit profiles from deteriorating below the BB rating level.
These provisions insure that the terms agreed to in the bond indenture continue to be the specific responsibility of the surviving entity.
NYSE: HET) announced today that it has received the required consents from noteholders to execute supplemental indentures amending the indentures governing the following series of notes in the aggregate principal amount outstanding of $3,525,000,000 (the "Notes"):
The supplemental indentures will be executed by Harrah's Operating Company, Harrah's Entertainment and each trustee under the indentures and will amend the indentures to allow the consolidated annual audited financial statements of Harrah's Entertainment and its subsidiaries, and the periodic and other reports filed by Harrah's Entertainment with the Securities and Exchange Commission, to satisfy the requirement for Harrah's Operating Company to deliver consolidated annual audited financial statements and such periodic and other reports to the respective trustees.
New York time, on June 10, 2005, of the previously announced solicitation of consents by its wholly owned subsidiary, The Kansas City Southern Railway Company ("KCSR"), to amend the indentures, as supplemented where applicable (the "Indentures"), under which KCSR's outstanding 9 1/2% Senior Notes due 2008 (the "9 1/2% Notes") and outstanding 7 1/2% Senior Notes due 2009 (the "7 1/2% Notes" and together with the 9 1/2% Notes, the "Notes") were issued.
The supplemental indentures have been executed by Crompton and the trustee for the Notes, but the amendments therein will not become operative until such time as the Company notifies Global Bondholder Services Corporation, the information agent, tabulation agent and paying agent for the Consent Solicitation, on or prior to September 1, 2005, that each of the conditions set forth in the Company's Consent Solicitation Statement dated May 16, 2005 (the "Consent Solicitation Statement"), including the closing of the definitive merger agreement for an all-stock merger transaction between Crompton and Great Lakes Chemical Corporation, is satisfied or waived.
Tesoro currently intends to optionally redeem on December 16, 2005, in accordance with the terms of the indenture governing the 2008 Subordinated Notes, all 2008 Subordinated Notes that remain outstanding at that time, at the applicable redemption price of 104.