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95, Incorporator Pro software provides the quickest and most accurate way to take a small business to the next level - without consulting a lawyer.
This can allow the incorporators to more easily sell or make gifts of the stock.
3) The shares had no book or other value in excess of par value apart from that created by the real property conveyed, then the only "consideration" for the transfer was the par value of the shares received by the incorporator or incorporators, regardless of the value of the property conveyed.
She alleged that she was hushed up, shown warning placards counting down her time by the minute, and ultimately not allowed to give her full speech -- and then booed and hissed, an account confirmed by at least one other incorporator at the meeting.
June 9 /PRNewswire/ -- BizFilings, an online incorporator serving the entrepreneurial marketplace, today announced that in the first five months of 2009, growth in new business formations in the construction, manufacturing and service industries point to early signs of an economic recovery.
Rhodes is the incorporator of C2 Capital Properties.
Until such time that the HDMI Forum has elected its Board of Directors, the HDMI Founders have designated the law firm of Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt as incorporator of the HDMI Forum.
Lance Beaty is the incorporator of Nelson & Beaty.
Higgins has been an incorporator of the museum for many years.
Catenacci was an original incorporator and has been a valuable and dedicated member of our board since 1996.
McAlister is the president, incorporator and organizer of that company.
Sloan was an original incorporator of SterlingSouth and was serving as Board Chairman at the time of the acquisition.