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BEIRUT: Labor Minister Sejaan Azzi said Thursday that officials would work on temporarily keeping the Emile Bitar Hospital in Batroun under the management of the National Social Security Fund given the current legal and financial incompetency preventing the Health Ministry from taking charge.
Defence counsel sought to exclude this testimony on appeal, and through a Charter of Rights and Freedoms section 15(1) challenge, in which it was argued that the spousal incompetency rule discriminated against common- law couples.
Summary: Pakistani collective failures, incompetency and negligence allowed Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden to live in .
Because a defendant was presumed to be competent during trial, the burden rests on the inmate to prove his incompetency by a preponderance of the evidence.
Consultant cardiologist Sisiresh Chakrabarty has stayed on the payroll since November 2005 as hospital bosses investigate claims of his incompetency.
This recession was caused by events in recent years, and the failure to control and react to them by Gordon Brown, who we were repeatedly told was a economic guru, was damning in its incompetency.
Following an overview of legal history, principles, terms, and client representation, subsequent sections address community-based mental health care, incompetency determination, federal and state disability discrimination issues, entitlement programs, the legal concerns of mental health professionals, commitment rights of those being increasingly "dumped" into the criminal justice system, and expert evidence and testimony in such cases.
The inquest heard that the radiographer involved wrote a note after Mrs Wise's death, which said: "But my actions have led to a patient dying, due to my incompetency.
If you receive a rating of incompetency, VA will pay your VA benefits to a payee to manage the funds for you.
It has been obvious, since concept, that the aspirations of the previous mayor were unsustainable, and your own report in the same edition reflects just how much financial incompetency has arisen due to the vacuous Labour Party grandstanding fancy ideas without having the intelligence to effectively cost and then supervise their grandiose schemes.
The incompetency of the constabulary only came to light earlier this year when the complainant, referred to as Ms X by the IPCC, appeared as a witness in a court case concerning an entirely different allegation of rape.
DeLisi's incompetency finding resulted from the court-ordered evaluation.