income property

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Income property

Real estate purchased for the reasons of income generation.

Income Property

Property intended to produce income for its owners, especially from rent. Examples of income properties include apartments and office buildings. See also: Passive income.

income property

Real estate that produces current income, typically from rental payments. Apartments, office buildings, and rental homes are considered income property.

income property

Property purchased for the income it generates, such as rents.
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3bon of total assets, has said that Fabio Baum has joined the bank as managing director, Income Property Banking - Northern California Region.
The New York City Income Property Market Report demonstrates a general increase in the number of sales in nearly every category," said John Cicero, MAI, CRE, founder and managing principal of Miller Cicero, LLCa commercial real estate valuation and consulting firm specializing in New York City.
Though it can be wrapped in a tax-free ISA shelter, the Keydata Income Property Bond only makes sense in a well diversified portfolio - not least because it runs for a fixed six year term.
The TRA's effect on estimated residential and nonresidential income property values will be evaluated, using the Bouillon and Karney after-tax cash discount model, which is based on a previous study (see appendix).
The bank said that it has formed a Commercial Real Estate Banking division, which is comprised of its leading Income Property Banking and its recently formed Structured Finance division.
The regulations are intended to standardize the tax treatment of investments used to hedge ordinary income property or the taxpayer's borrowings.
We're now looking forward to expanding our residential and income property loan programs and providing full deposit services.
This, together with the adverse effects of the Tax Reform Act of 1986, which made income property less attractive to investors, and a surfeit of office space and apartments in various parts of the country, has produced a dearth of funds for even the most worthwhile projects.
Mink Income Property Investment Conference will be held at that New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark, N.
The sale of these assets will substantially reduce the bank's exposure to the income property markets," said Gary Brummett, executive vice president and co-principal financial officer of California Federal Bank.