income dividend

Income dividend

Any payout to mutual fund shareholders resulting from interest, dividends, or other income.

Income Dividend

In mutual funds, a dividend distributed to shareholders that comes from the dividends or interest on the stocks or bonds represented in the mutual fund. It does not include income from the capital appreciation of the mutual funds. Income dividends are taxed as ordinary income at each shareholder's marginal tax bracket; they are not taxed as capital gains. See also: Capital gains distribution.

income dividend

A distribution of dividends, interest, and short-term capital gains by an investment company to its shareholders. This type of dividend is taxed at the recipient's marginal rate. See also capital gains distribution.
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035 per share investment income dividend represents a decrease of $0.
NYSE: PAI) announced today the declaration of a special ordinary income dividend of $0.
NYSE: PAI) announced today the declaration of a regular ordinary income dividend of $0.
NYSE: AMU), a closed-end management investment company, announces that the correct payable date for the monthly income dividend that was declared on August 22, 2000 of $0.
NEW YORK -- Morgan Stanley California Insured Municipal Income Trust today declared a monthly income dividend of $.
In LATH070, Pacific American Income Shares (NYSE: PAI) Declares Second Quarter Ordinary Income Dividend, moved Thursday, Aug.
For tax reporting purposes, The Oakmark International Fund income dividend ($0.
NYSE: RHY) declared a special one-time income dividend of $0.
D) The January dividend included a regular income dividend of $0.
d) December dividend included a regular income dividend declared Nov.