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Pirc said the targets under its incentive pay scheme for top bosses were "not sufficiently challenging" and that departure bonuses in contracts were not appropriate.
In addition, through the performance incentive pay scheme, staff can share in the Society's success and we operate a career stream structure where every role is defined and states the competencies required to achieve it.
We ensure that we pay competitive salaries and through our performance incentive pay scheme, staff share in the Society's success.
The RTWPBs issue advisories on productivity incentive pay schemes as reference of workers and enterprises in the implementation of productivity improvement and gain-sharing programs.
That should generate some good newspaper headlines1--it usually does (I have always thought that extending the incentive pay schemes throughout the organisation could resolve this issue but I acknowledge it is harder than it looks).
Levine and Shaw hold a plea for incentive pay schemes to be installed with quality improvement plans, a view that is at odds with those of early TQM authors.
there is a low and declining use of incentive pay schemes (as compared to traditional fixed-wage forms of compensation);
First, linking CEO compensation to the performance of the firm and incentive pay schemes have been widely used in the West.