in rem

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In Rem

Describing a lawsuit or other action directed at a property rather than a person. That is, one files a lawsuit in rem if there is a dispute over ownership of property and one wishes the court to determine the real owner. In rem actions are most common in disputes involving land.

in rem

Meaning “against the thing.” Lawsuits regarding title to real estate,or claims against real estate, are said to be in rem, so they must be filed in the state and county where the property is located.

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The precoccial mammals also show a similar decrease in REM sleep but to a considerable lesser extent (28).
recommended that future research in REM career articles address psychosocial factors that may influence career behavior (e.
Properties having a lien-to-value ratio of 15 percent based on the taxes in arrears cannot be sold in the bulk lien sales, but can be included in the new in rem filings.
15) The Court concluded that for over 50 years, in rem forfeiture has been found to be a remedial sanction, distinct and different from other potentially punitive in personam civil penalties, and does not constitute a punishment under the Double Jeopardy Clause.
While Lhota said 95 percent of all city owners pay taxes on time, of the five percent that enter into in rem agreements, 90 percent of those pay up within four years.
Abnormalities in REM onset, the amount of deep sleep and other sleep measures did not cluster in any of the three groups, Simons and Thase assert in the June JOURNAL OF CONSULTING AND CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY.
What other city than New York City has failed to safeguard its economic viability by protecting its tax base and preventing the conditions that lead to in rem takeovers?
Less-adjusted survivors slept less and took much longer to fall asleep, but there were no differences in REM sleep among the three groups.
The industry has known for some time - and Real Estate Weekly has been reporting - that more and more housing is being taken each year by the city through the in rem process for nonpayment of taxes.
Margulies agreed, pointing to record-setting in rem vestings.
Results showed that the proportion of the night spent in REM sleep after treatment with trospium chloride was not significantly different from placebo.