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Swartz, who has represented dancers in several high-profile wage and hour cases in New York City, said, "The claims here, that Larry Flynt's Hustler Club does not follow worker protection statutes, are nothing new in the New York City adult entertainment industry.
Representing Hustler, Susan Ferrier said the defendant was an immature and childlike person who had suffered problems with his confidence and was remorseful.
As seen on many national TV shows like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Law & Order, the Hustler Club NY features something for everyone with a parade of opulent rooms of various themes for parties of 2-50.
LOS ANGELES -- The Association for Safe Fun Sex (ASFX), The Screaming O, and Hustler Hollywood are teaming up to promote safe sex in an exciting new way.
Last month, Hustler Hollywood opened their first UK store in Birmingham city centre.
Flynt opened the first Hustler Club in 1968 and just five years later ran eight strip clubs.
It's LeRoy's own fierce protectiveness of his characters that makes Harold's End more than another story of down-and-out hustlers.
Though Sweet Duke and Young Hustler managed only one more success between them in 1993-94, there was plenty still to come.
I cautioned him that I had no idea how either The Committee or Hingsburger would feel about Hustler.
Precinct sees three of Cardiff's leading dance marquees - Hustler, Silent Running and Radius - coming together to supply three floors of different grooves under the one roof, every Friday at Clwb Ifor Bach.
Meaning, identity, inhibition, surety are just some of the many things on hiatus - or if not on hiatus, unstable, as things are in earthquake territory - in Bruce LaBruce and Rick Castro's new flick Hustler White, which follows the various escapades of a hustler named Monti Ward (played sweetly and sexily by Tony Ward) and his encounters with a writer named Jurgen Anger (LaBruce) and others on Santa Monica Boulevard and around the "flimsy backlot construction" that is L.