house rules

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House rules

Internal rules of broker-dealer firm that govern the handling of its customers' accounts.

House Rules

Rules followed only at a certain location. For example, each stock exchange has its own rules in addition to regulations set down by a government authority.

house rules

A brokerage firm's regulations regarding customer accounts and practices. For example, the firm must establish rules concerning margin requirements, the handling of customers' checks, and good faith deposits on new accounts. House rules must be at least as strict as industry regulations require.

house rules

Everyday-conduct rules adopted by a condominium association to cover things such as hours of pool usage, number of allowable guest parking places, prohibitions against drying towels on balcony railings,and other such matters.

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Gregory Meeks (D-NY), alleging he violated federal law and House rules by accepting $40,000 from a New York businessman and failing to include it on his personal financial disclosure reports (PFDs).
American taxpayers need to hold on to their wallets because the new House rules concerning taxes are not worth the paper they're written on," explained taxpayer advocate Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform.
Chris Turner, a Grand Prairie Democrat and a member of the Ethics Committee, said it was clear that Stickland's staff violated the spirit of the House rules by signing up people to testify at a hearing when they weren't at the Capitol.
Hasbro's house rules debate came after the toy company got results of a survey that showed that about 70 per cent of 1000 respondents said that they had never read all Monopoly rules and 34 per cent said they made up rules more than once.
Binienda said he was pleased to continue in the post overseeing House rules, and that Mr.
But what I will tell you about, under the Chatham House Rule, of course, is a conversation I had with a businessman at the bar.
House Rules moves between the central characters: Jacob, his mum Emma, his younger brother Theo, Jacob's lawyer Oliver and Rich, the police detective in charge of the case.
The House Rules Committee is expected to meet today after the House Budget Committee passed procedural hurdles on Monday for the use of budget reconciliation.
Steve Harrelson, D-Texarkana, House majority leader and House Rules Committee member, said he expects the committee to interpret the rule to allow House members seeking re-election to raise funds.
THE CIDER HOUSE RULES MORE 4,9pm Michael Caine won an Oscar for his portrayal of a doctor who runs an orphanage and performs illegal abortions on the side.
But the panel also concluded that neither Hastert nor other officers of the House had violated any House rules, and recommended no sanctions for their failure to stop Foley's conduct.
While it is usually nearly impossible for Democrats to get bills through the all-powerful House Rules Committee, Miller's maneuver would have bypassed that step and guaranteed an automatic vote by the full House.