house poor

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House poor

People who are short on cash because most of their money is tied up in their homes are "house poor."

House Poor

Describing an individual with significant income, but with such a large mortgage on his/her house that he/she has little discretionary income. Historically, this term referred to farmers and ranchers, most of whose cash went to debt service on their land, but it has expanded to include anyone who spends so much on his/her mortgage that he/she cannot spend on other goods and services he/she wants or needs. Being house poor is also known as being land poor. See also: Upside down mortgage, McMansion, Foreclosure.

house poor

Also called land poor; a situation in which all of one's wealth is in the home (or land) and there is very little cash or income to pay for anything other than necessities.

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The Bradenton Housing Authority was established in 1950 to administer the original Rogers Gardens, 120 barracks-style units built to house poor African-Americans.
You cannot house poor people without a governmental role," says Charles Santer, who heads WMF's affordable housing finance group and has more than 20 years' experience in all sectors of housing and finance.
Further, the Progressive Era was a time of growing class consciousness within the black community,(31) and many middle income people would have been loathe to house poor children.
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