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In this case, HORIZONTALITY is manifested first and foremost by means of goal and path.
Geological Time Actualism Rock Cycle Lithification: Sediment vs Sedimentary rock Original Horizontality of Strata Lateral Continuity of Strata Superposition of Strata Cross-cutting Relationships Principle of Inclusions Biological Evolution, Index Fossils Stratigraphic Correlation
It started from simple technical questions: how movement is generated in different parts of the body, in time and space, about verticality and horizontality, about oneness, division.
42) In general, the diversity, plasticity, verticality, symmetry, and hierarchy of forms and functions of architecture of the Stalin era were displaced by the simplicity, plainness, horizontality, asymmetry, and equalization of forms and functions of modernist architecture under Khrushchev.
Strong light and high contrasts--so important to Hopper--recall theatrical lighting as well as the film-noir movies the artist admired, while the horizontality of many of Hopper's works suggests the long pans and unfolding narratives of film.
The rate of the horizontality deviation of the cross rail while the ram slide was moving has been 0.
Getsy, "Fallen Women: The Gender of Horizontality and the Abandonment of the Pedestal by Giacometti and Epstein"; Sue Malvern, "The Fourth Plinth or the Vicissitudes of Public Sculpture"; and Jon Wood, "Homage, Double Act and Decoy: Three Contemporary Considerations of the Art Gallery Plinth.
With a cross section view geological principles can be applied--superposition, original horizontality, crosscutting relationships, .
Principles of horizontality and technological neutrality should not encourage regulators to ignore the differences between networks and platforms, particularly in relation to their social impact.
In this way, Baxter stretches the horizontality of the picture plane and suggests there's more to be seen, making us curious what else of interest may soon be strolling by.
Horizontality, joined-up government, whole-of-government or shared service--pick the slogan you prefer to describe the aspirational goal of one-stop shopping by enlightened consumers carrying their copy of a customer bill of rights and accompanying service standards, and perhaps insisting that they be compensated if they do not obtain the quality of public services they have been promised.
The distribution and horizontality of the hearths and the preservation of fauna seems to indicate a low degree of disturbance of the archaeological assemblages.