home run

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Home run

Large capital gain in a stock in a short period of time.

Home Run

An investment that results in an especially large capital gain in a very short period of time. For example, one may buy a stock that jumps from $5 per share to $55 per share in only six months. A home run results in huge capital gains for the stockholder or other investor. This term can be used for any investment vehicle, especially an IPO. See also: Hot issue.

home run

An investment that produced a large return in a short period of time for its purchaser. For example, an investor might purchase shares in an initial public offering that moves sharply upward in subsequent trading in the secondary market.
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He instantly showed his value by hitting a home run in his first major-league at-bat.
The addition of the gold ball charitable element to this year's CENTURY 21 Home Run Derby adds a new level of excitement and anticipation for this annual exhibition of home run hitting skill," said Thomas Kunz, president and CEO of CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC.
68 home runs per game, while the Minor League average stands at 1.
Henry Aaron never hit 50 home runs in a season, so you're going to tell me that [Bonds] is a greater hitter than Henry Aaron?
Sexson's home run came after the Angels again gave an intentional walk to Ibanez.
White was one of the youngest credentialed reporters ever to work a press room when he covered McGwire's 60th, 61st and 62 home runs.
Power shortage: Burbank (3-5, 1-4) has just two home runs in 219 at-bats.
One batter after Anderson, Juan Rivera crushed a home run to center field and it looked like it would be a short day for Lopez.
Napoli became the 92nd player in major-league history to hit a home run in his first at-bat and third to do it for the Angels, along with Dave Machemer in 1978 and Don Rose in 1972.
Major League Baseball (MLB) and the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) announced today that 11-year-old Shawn Maykuth, of suburban Chicago is the Grand Prize winner of the Big League Blast(TM) Home Run Sweepstakes, entitling him to meet baseball's all-time single-season home run record-holder, Mark McGwire of the St.
1 -- color) Rafael Furcal watches his home run in the second sail out at Dodger Stadium.