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1. In politics, rule by a foreign power, even if masked by a puppet government. For example, Nazi Germany imposed heterarchy on France during World War II despite the presence of the Vichy government.

2. In human relations, governance in which no single participant has direct power over others, but in which any participant may come to possess such power. Heterarchy is very complicated and is marked by multiple, overlapping or even contradictory power structures. It may be contrasted with a hierarchy, but one may exist within the other.


an ORGANIZATION without a HIERARCHY or leader. All members of the organization have equal authority and involvement in decision-making. Such an organizational form is difficult to sustain beyond the smallest organizations because of the need to coordinate the organization's activities. See WORKERS' COOPERATIVE.
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There is no archeological precedent for heterarchy that we know of, largely because the world and our institutions have never been this interconnected.
Institutional heterarchy involves a world of multiple types, forms, and levels of authoritative political organizations and units (e.
A heterarchy (ie multiple, non-hierarchical categorization) of goals and values which are organised and governed by the contextual relations within an organisation
Perhaps the transformation means a move from an administrative hierarchy to a more flattened heterarchy (Murphy, 1992; Sergiovanni, 1991).
Birmingham-based CWA is working with Digbeth practice Heterarchy Interior Architecture which is handling the design of the new premises.
The latter trait, together with their embracing heterarchy (the belief that leadership structures should be fluid and responsive to change, not static hierarchies), manifests itself in a desire to dress and act informally, and to allow for flexible models of leadership rather than adhere to a structured hierarchy.
Owners Stuart and Darren Insall, who also own the successful boutique hotel and cocktail bar The Kenilworth, have worked closely with one of the UK's most up-and-coming designers, Tony Matters from Heterarchy, to create a modern take on the Art Deco style whilst still paying homage to the building's Victorian roots.
The "Modern/Colonial Capitalist/ Patriarchal Western-centric/Christian-centric World-System" (Grosfoguel 2008a (1)) is composed of a heterarchy or intersectionality of multiple global power structures beyond the sole economic and political structures frequently identified in world-system analysis and neo-marxist political-economy perspectives more generally.
Heterarchy and hierarchy: A critical appraisal of the "levels of evidence" as a tool for clinical decision making.