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1. Describing a situation in which a security is temporarily unavailable for trade. A security may be held for a variety of reasons, including an inability to give or receive a quote. See also: Suspend trading.

2. Describing a security or other asset on which one has a long position. That is, one holds a security when one owns it.


Temporarily unavailable for trading. —Used of a security.
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7874-1T(b), which first restates the general rule that "stock held by one or more members of the EAG is not included in either the numerator or the denominator of the fraction that determines [the ownership] percentage.
The event will be held at the University Club at One West 54th Street in New York City.
A) The financial holding company held the share, asset, or ownership interest under this subpart; and
The taxpayer appealed the decision; the Second Circuit held that she was entitled to reduce stock value for potential capital gains tax liabilities, even though no liquidation, or asset sale or distribution, was contemplated by the corporation when the stock was gifted.
Banks tell us they already have an internal capital hurdle at least as high as the proposed regulatory charge, and in applying the charge we understand they make no distinction about the authority under which, or where in the organization, the shares are held.
17) The court held that the taxpayer's gain from the sale of pipeline equipment resulted in nonbusiness income because it was an unusual transaction that occurred in connection with a partial liquidation of the company.
The proposed SOP provides guidance on accounting for the results of operations of foreclosed assets held for sale.
This meeting will be held at the InterContinental The Barclay New York.
ceremony will be held at Forest Lawn-Hollywood Hills, 6300 Forest Lawn Drive.
He most recently held the position of Program Director, Global Transformations with Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC).
ii) Tangible property (other than real property) used or held for use in the controlled foreign corporation's trade or business that is of a character that would be subject to the allowance for depreciation under section 167 or 168 and the regulations under those sections (including tangible property described in [section] 1.
The individual equity investments in these firms could not exceed 25 percent of the voting shares of the firm; the holding company could not take an active part in the management of the firm in which it held equity; and the subsidiary banks or other depository institution subsidiaries could not hold any of the stock.