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A measure of area of land. A hectare is equal to 10,000 square meters. It traces its origins to the French revolutionary government. It is often used in real estate transactions. See also: Acre.


A land measurement under the metric system,equal to 10,000 square meters,or roughly 2.471 acres.

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During the year 2010-11, the off-seasonal vegetables were grown in 7,511 hectare area of tribal districts of Kinnaur and Lahaul Spiti leading with off-seasonal vegetable cultivation in 4,128 hectare area, while 3,383 hectare area was cultivated under off seasonal vegetable in Kinnaur districts.
Productivity of the plantations in the nine provinces, however, is only 660 kilograms per hectare or below the average productivity of 790 kg per hectare in the country.
He further informed that average production target per hectare in Balochistan was set at 2125 kg.
The cultivable area of 80,000 hectares in six taluks of the district, and 60,000 hectares were devoted to tea.
The average price per hectare for transactions in 2000 was about pounds 5,000, 3pc higher than the average for 1999.
7 metric tons per hectare in 1984 (1 metric ton per hectare equals 907 pounds per acre).
4 thousand hectares of land, and harvested the total amount of 891.
In 2012, the pear acreage of 8,169 hectares was bigger than the apple acreage (then 7,948 hectares) for the first time.
company, has proposed paying $400 per hectare to Baru banana producers and delivering 25 cents per box of fruit produced, reports Panamaamerica.
This is 52 thousand hectare more than that reported a week ago (1.