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Multifunction heavy-duty auger granulators for high throughput reclamation of precut sheet guillontined skeleton.
2 Classification Standard and Notes of Heavy-duty Truck
In 2010, SAFE joined with The Accord Group to help bring together the Heavy-Duty Fuel Efficiency Leadership Group.
Quatech's Heavy-Duty Wireless Bridges incorporate ruggedized hardware for harsh environmental conditions faced by trucks, buses, heavy equipment and automobiles.
The new heavy-duty trucks provide customers with first-time innovations and features along with new standards of strength, utility and driveability, building on the Ram's leadership in the heavy-duty pickup segment.
CD series heavy-duty, central grinders for thick-walled parts, pipe and purgings includes units able to grind up to 10,000 lb/hr.
In addition to Mineral Point, CES is producing Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems in the United Kingdom and South Africa to enable its European medium- and heavy-duty vehicle customers to meet Euro IV and V emission levels.
A coil-spring suspension setup is used up front, while the multi-leaf spring design is maintained in the rear for heavy-duty capability.
Offers auger-feed, beside-the-press and heavy-duty upright granulators, central granulators, hogs, shredders, conveyors, parts separators, granulate removal systems and complete closed-loop reclaim systems that can separate, convey, shred, grind and reload molding machines.
Built for high-mileage customers who need the most capability available, the new Cummins "600" delivers best-in-class oil change intervals of 15,000 miles (versus 7,500 for the competition) and is the only heavy-duty diesel pickup pre-equipped for an exhaust brake.
Offers six basic types of granulators (20 models in all), including heavy-duty chunk, edge-trim, trim-press, beside-the-press, and auger-feed models.
We are pleased that Corning has been awarded the opportunity to serve Cummins emission control needs for the growing heavy-duty diesel market," said Thomas R.