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Listen to Ed Simcox, Logicalis' Healthcare Practice Leader, discuss the ways technology can improve healthcare communication in an eHealth Radio Network interview, then hear him explain how to lower the risk in healthcare IT in a Healthcare Insider interview: http://ow.
Explore a Logicalis healthcare IT infographic, and read a number of Logicalis healthcare case studies here: http://ow.
At its core is the premise that healthcare IT for healthcare IT's sake is a mistake, that despite the razzle and gee-whiz dazzle of version 9.
We look forward to active discussions, innovative demonstrations and laying the path for the most exciting year in healthcare IT we've ever seen.
It is a great honor to be selected by GE HCIT, one of the major healthcare IT solutions providers, as a national Radiology PACS value added reseller.
As Centricity Enterprise continues to evolve to meet the future needs of our customers, we'll continue to push product excellence as a solution to meet the diversified needs of our customer base," said Laurent Rotival, vice president and general manager of GE Healthcare IT.
Solution Provider Offers Downloadable eBooks, Tips for Transforming Healthcare IT and Growing a Healthcare Software Business
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