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Kulkov was hauled off to be replaced by Taylor who came closest to saving a point.
t n e d A dejected Rooney was then hauled off having now not scored in the League for a month.
The most significant drama of the afternoon involved a brain-dead fan who, seeking to pass on a gift, approached the bench and tried to toss a shopping bag in the Lakers' general direction, and nearly whacked an NBC reporter in the head, before being hauled off by security.
Goals from Marc Vivien Foe, Sun Jihai and Shaun Goater increased Wilkinson's woes - and ailing hero Kevin Phillips showed his displeasure at being hauled off after 65 minutes.
Scotland striker Kevin Kyle made his first start for the Black Cats but was hauled off in the second half after a half decent performance.
They were eventually hauled off Kunii, only to scrap for control of the microphone in the Tokyo chamber.
A dejected Rooney was then hauled off having now not scored in the League for a month.
THIEVES hauled off the glorious centrepiece from Bedworth's award- winning Miners' Welfare Park.
And there's an emotional conversation with a Mossad agent named Rafi Eitain who helped kidnap Adolf Eichmann from Argentina in 1960 and describes the great satisfaction of carrying the captured Nazi by the head as he's hauled off to a waiting car.
It was tough to say who was City's weakest link, but the first hauled off was Nasri, with BBC pundit Chris Waddle saying: "Before the game, Nasri refused to compare himself to Andres Iniesta and he was right.
Pressley (pictured) hauled off midfielders Franck Moussa and Carl Baker in the second half of Tuesday's gruelling duel at Bristol City and the Sky Blues skipper, in particular, looked decidedly unimpressed with the decision.
GARETH BALE was hauled off after an hour as his El Clasico debut ended in misery last night.