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The hashing function used to encrypt information generates a random string of characters that act as a digital fingerprint for plaintext information while making sure no one except the intended recipient is able to access the information.
12] offers a sound way to simultaneously deal with three color channels and is employed in color image analysis [13]-[15], registration [16], watermarking [17] and perceptual hashing [9][10].
Hashing is mixed sex and the runners, of all different ages and abilities are known as 'Hounds'.
The different parts with the conventional biometric system models (figure 1 and 2) are highlighted in the dashed line rectangles-quantizing and hashing module blocks.
A third category of cryptology is called Hashing (One-Way) Encryption.
If hashing sounds dangerous, it isn't, but there are risks involved.
A hash is a fixed length blob derived from variable length data using a hashing algorithm.
This section first introduces n-grams, then discusses hashing (the most rapid method of information storage and retrieval), then combines the two.
while various approaches to finding items through use of such keys have been explored, the promise of "instant" access promised by hashing schemes is particularly enticing.
Hashing is a sport that "travels" better than golf or tennis.
Written by one of the developers of the technology, Hashing is both a historical document on the development of hashing and an analysis of the applications of hashing in a society increasingly concerned with security.