hard sell

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Hard Sell

An advertisement that aggressively commands attention and strongly encourages the target to purchase the product. For example, a hard sell commercial may simply state repeatedly, "Buy Smith's soap." A hard sell contrasts with a soft sell, which is less demanding.

‘hard sell’

a forceful and robust approach to marketing a BRAND or product. This style of ADVERTISING or PERSONAL SELLING can sometimes be successful in convincing undecided buyers. See ‘SOFT SELL.
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THE HARD SELL - Four albums and tours to every corner of the globe - it's been quite an adventure for the north coast riff titans since their debut album in 2009.
Also featuring projection, The Hard Sell draws on the daily experiences of Nicole's dancers and considers the work/life balance of women today.
From the hard sell of salesmen and the bargain- bucket beauty bins in Poland to the face-full of horrors some have been left with, all made me believe going under the knife should be borne of necessity, not a vanity-led neediness.
Gillon, along with local entrepreneurs who wish to showcase their wares, often attend American industry trade shows, but it is sometimes a hard sell to convince others to take the leap in tripling or quadrupling their business.
Business success, it seems, thrives on the hard sell - pursuing people into buying something they don't really want.
Warwickshire trading standards officials issued the warning after householders paid between pounds 200 and pounds 300 to men who used hard sell techniques.
But information technology has been a hard sell at home.
Because dance can be a hard sell, especially in a city with so many alternatives, Shelton believes that one of the most effective ways to build audiences is with the personal touch.
The conmen typically hand out scratchcards promising free holidays, but the prize may be several hours of bum-numbing hard sell from a holiday club.
Hollywood will make anything as long as there is money to be made, and in a world where adolescent girls still make most of the movie-ticket-buying decisions, gay movies remain a hard sell.
I had to do the hard sell," joked David: "The family were a lot more difficult than normal customers
It is the world leader in electronic retail with glam presenters giving the hard sell.