hard dollars

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Hard dollars

Actual separate payments made by a customer for services, including research, provided by a brokerage firm. Antithesis of soft dollars.

Hard Dollars

Fees paid in cash to a brokerage for services. For example, an investor may pay hard dollars for research or investment advice from the brokerage. Hard dollar payments are made in cash rather than deducted from the value of a security transaction. See also: Soft dollars.

hard dollars

Cash payment to a brokerage firm for goods or services provided by the firm. Thus, individual investors are usually required to pay cash for a market letter. Compare soft dollars.
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With Hard Dollar, Blois (now headquartered in Oxnard, California) was able to achieve real-time status reports and improve visibility beyond previous solutions, enabling them to keep costs in sync with the revenues of the project.
Don Chapin Company was honored for its use of Hard Dollar software to establish better client relationships.
We congratulate all of this year's Vision Awards winners, and are proud to be included in the process, especially with Blois and Chapin for this outstanding recognition," said Doug Nicholas, CEO of Hard Dollar Corporation.
Today's successful companies recognize that managed remote worker programs not only can save them hard dollars in space and overhead costs, but also are critical to attracting and retaining top talent," said TManage CEO Glenn Lovelace.
Its consequences can be measured in human terms and in hard dollars.
We offer compelling value to our small fleet partners and to our supplier partners - hard dollars to the bottom line.
We are confident that this alliance will enable Argis users to achieve better control of their IT asset and save significant hard dollars from their IT budget.