halo effect

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Halo Effect

In psychology, the concept that persons with one positive quality are perceived as having multiple positive qualities. For example, an attractive person may be thought to be more intelligent than he/she really is. In business, the halo effect is seen when one popular product from a company improves sales for other products.

‘halo effect’

the regarding of an individual by others, especially his or her superiors, as especially good at his or her job. The reality may be different but, because the belief is strongly held, any shortcomings may not be perceived. Those employees who have the halo effect often achieve rapid promotion, with the result that their occupancy of particular job roles may be brief. Any aspects of their performance which are not satisfactory may not come to light for some time, hence the halo effect remains undiminished. However, those with this attribute often attract resentment from their more discerning colleagues. The opposite of the halo effect is the horns effect, where an employee is viewed badly whatever his or her actual performance. See PETER PRINCIPLE.
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The goal was to create a halo effect of a different sort, to woo elusive younger buyers who these days are less likely than their predecessors to drive.
Finish the look with a fine mist of Charles Worthington Style Setter Long Lasting Max Hold Spray, and use your fingers to buff the front of the hairline to break up the plait and create a soft, fluffy halo effect.
They are on the positive end of halo effect both in terms of traffic and brand image," Loverde said, adding that Apple also has yet to fully realize the international growth opportunities for Mac, and expects the new products to see good demand during the holiday quarter.
The halo effect is a cognitive bias (1) first identified in psychological studies conducted in 1920 (2).
The halo effect and inward investment that would follow the development of two new 50,000-plus stadia could be the next pivotal step in Liverpool's continued renaissance.
I was included in his halo effect because Alan wanted me there.
The halo effect of your brand advertising efforts now can extend well beyond your intended audience.
Aspirational models such as this work wonders for the image-building process that create a halo effect for the mainstream models that are built at its Sunderland plant.
Despite taking longer than expected to start rolling, the final assembly line for the Airbus Military A400M in Seville has created a halo effect for suppliers in Andalusia and the country as a whole.
Because last week Nissan reported a 41 per cent fall in half-yearly profits and badly needs the brand halo effect and increased premium profits the fast-selling 370Z could bring.
He has also appeared in Irish dramas such as Ballykissangel, The Halo Effect, Alexander, Middletown and Bua since leaving the character of Miley behind.