growth stock

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Growth stock

Common stock of a company that has an opportunity to invest money and earn more than the opportunity cost of capital.

Growth Stock

Share in a company performing better, or expected to perform better, than its industry or the market as a whole. Shares generating a return on equity of greater than 15% are generally classified as growth stocks, but not all growth stocks are classified as such. Such stocks usually pay little to nothing dividends as the companies reinvest most of their earnings. Some believe that many or most growth stocks are overvalued, citing for example the large number of growth stocks during the dotcom bubble.

growth stock

The stock of a firm that is expected to have above-average increases in revenues and earnings. These firms usually retain most earnings for reinvestment and therefore pay small dividends. The stock, often selling at relatively high price-earnings ratios, is subject to wide swings in price. Examples include Intel, General Electric, and Dell.
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Lewis and Arends also believe that the market will broaden into all sectors of growth stocks in 1992.
and Publisher of OTC Growth Stock Watch, said, "IntegraMed is a market leader that integrates the niche fertility market in a way unlike any other- bringing patients, physicians and clinics together.
More recent studies show the value approach has outperformed both the Standard & Poor's 500 and growth stocks over the past quarter century while at the same time incurring lower risk.
Basic investment principles dictate that you buy growth stocks when the share price is undervalued or low.
Since very few public corporations meet OTC Growth Stock Watch's rigid performance criteria, the GSW staff investigates hundreds of companies each month.
of Boston reported that May was particularly brisk for its aggressive growth stock funds.
OTC Growth Stock Watch has been published since 1979 and is one of the most respected and referred-to guides to discovering high-performance NASDAQ(R) and AMEX(R) Stocks.
A time-saving research tool to search for quality growth stocks is to use Schwab's Large Cap Growth Stock List (current list available under the Quotes & Research tab on schwab.
info and selecting the "Baird 2006 Growth Stock Conference" webcast link.
Geoffrey Eiten, publisher of OTC Growth Stock Watch said, "As a telecomm re-seller, Yak is taking advantage of growing trends in telecommunications.
OTC Growth Stock Watch has been published since 1979 and is one of the most respected and referred to guides for discovering high-performance NASDAQ(R) and AMEX(R) Stocks.
AMEX: DIO), a leading developer and marketer of minimally-invasive medical technologies, including its patented EndoVenous Laser Treatment (EVLT(R)) for varicose veins, today announced that it will be presenting an overview of the Company's business at the upcoming 18th Annual Roth Capital Partners Growth Stock Conference at the St.