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Because she had been afraid she might succumb to the pleas of this giant, she had burned her bridges behind her--in her groundless apprehension that she might make a terrible mistake, she had made a worse one.
He behaved very well in the regiment but was not liked; Rostov especially detested him and was unable to overcome or conceal his groundless antipathy to the man.
Even then Achmet Zek did not advance, fearful as he was of some such treachery as he himself might have been guilty of under like circumstances; nor were his suspicions groundless, for the Belgian, no sooner had he passed out of the range of the Arab's vision, halted behind the bole of a tree, where he still commanded an unobstructed view of his dead horse and the pouch, and raising his rifle covered the spot where the other's body must appear when he came forward to seize the treasure.
It might have been the dropping of water from the cottage roofs while I passed through the village, or the groundless alarm of my own suspicious fancy, but I thought I was being followed as I walked back to the inn.
As she drew nigh to the more fashionable quarter of the town, Kate marked many of this class as they passed by, hurrying like herself to their painful occupation, and saw, in their unhealthy looks and feeble gait, but too clear an evidence that her misgivings were not wholly groundless.
The Spokesman reiterated that all allegations of Russia's interference in the US election were groundless.
The so-called issue that China is building a military base in Afghanistan is groundless,' Wu said.
The information regarding losses of Azerbaijani side is groundless, the press service Azerbaijan's Defense Ministry told Trend, responding to previous Armenian reports.
Those who were involved in mega corruption scandals are moving free while my name was put in ECL on groundless allegations', Raja Pervaiz said this while talking to media men outside National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on Saturday.
Damascus, SANA- an informed source told SANA that the United Nations hindered the exit of gunmen from al-Waer neighborhood in Homs to Idleb province under groundless pretexts.
E[currency]ANLIURFA (CyHAN)- Officials who work at 112 emergency call service of the Diyarbakyr Provincial Directorate of Health complain about huge numbers of groundless calls from the locals while they are working hard to save security officers and civilians who are injured during clashes across the city.
ISTANBUL, Dec 29 (KUNA) -- Turkey on Tuesday dismissed as groundless a Russian claims about Ankara's support to anti-Russian battalion in the Ukrainian Crimean province.