gross lease

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Gross lease

A type of property lease in which the lessor (owner of the property being leased) pays expenses associated with ownership such as damages, taxes, and insurance.

Gross Lease

A lease in which the lessee pays the lessor (the property owner) a flat fee at agreed upon intervals (usually once per month), and, in exchange, the lessor is responsible for all maintenance and other expenses associated with the property. Most rental agreements on residences are gross leases. See also: Net lease.

gross lease

A lease in which the costs of maintaining the leased asset, including its insurance and taxes, are paid by the lessor. Compare net lease.

gross lease

A lease for a set amount of rent each month,with the landlord paying all expenses of the property and its management. It is the typical form of lease for residential properties. Contrast with a net lease in which the tenants reimburse the landlord for some or all of the expenses of ownership and management.(Net leases are common in commercial transactions.)

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We mentioned above about a lease being a gross lease or a net lease.
A return to gross leases, however, can benefit both landlords and tenants, as well as foster a building's sustainability.
When the subject property is leased exclusively on all gross leases, this tax rider is combined with the appropriate capitalization rate and, in combination, become the loaded cap rate.
The Third Quarter numbers show only a statistically irrelevant drop in average gross lease rates and minor increase in overall vacancy rates as compared to this year's First Quarter statistics.
The nontraditional lease structure includes an operating and modified gross lease between the county and the corporation, thereby qualifying roughly 50% of the county's lease payments (accounting for that portion of the facility used specifically for social services delivery) for federal subventions of 90% of the operating lease costs.
The second quarter's average asking gross lease rate is $20.
The majority of properties (16 or 87% by balance) are triple-net leased, providing for a stable property income until leases mature; the remaining property is a modified gross lease.
A new, 40,000-square-foot, Wiz electronics superstore will open at The Old Bridge Gateway in Spring, 1994, and a new, 10,000-square-foot Old Country Buffet restaurant is scheduled to open in the Fall, enlarging the center's gross lease area (GLA) to 240,000 square feet.
The property will be offered with a $600,000 per year gross lease and has excellent user potential.
During AIR's first decade, a new industrial lease was published in 1962 (since then, the Gross lease has been revised every three to five years).
The county's obligation is governed by an operating and modified gross lease, in contrast to capital and triple net leases used most often.
It is currently occupied by a mix of local and non-credit tenants on net and modified gross leases.