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Money is what "you regrettably need to grease the wheels of everyday life.
To grease the wheels, Gateway has snapped up 20% of the web-based commerce arm of NECX for $21m in cash, with an option to buy the rest of the subsidiary, which it values at $105m in total.
Perhaps to help grease the wheels, on 10 December 1938, Dan Burley, the drama critic for the New York Amsterdam News, published a review of the unproduced script.
They thought a little touch of levity would grease the wheels of social interchange and make hugging really happen.
Though many challenges remain China's logistics market has evolved markedly in recent years and appears poised to grease the wheels of China's ever-expanding economy.
In Romelu Lukaku's case his early prowess in Royal Blue has led to a prospective move to Italian champions Juventus and a new 'super' agent to grease the wheels.
While the reasons for the unexpected announcement are still speculative, it surely did not grease the wheels with organizers that their request to serve alcohol was turned down by Worcester parks officials last year.
If the country holds together after the transition to full sovereignty, it will be because of 1) the militarization of Iraqi society, 2) back-room alliances among the sects, tribes and clans and 3) large oil revenues that will grease the wheels of those political machines.
Over and over, politicians and candidates solicited and accepted bribes to grease the wheels for Dwek, who claimed he needed building permits and other approvals, authorities said.
Export credit insurance is amongst a genre of financial products and services that facilitate and grease the wheels of international trade by protecting the exporters from the risk of payment default by their buyers or importers on one hand, and by offering them a number of indirect and direct financing products on the other hand.
While globally, a lack of trade finance -- crucial letters of credit -- that grease the wheels of commerce were adversely affecting trade, finance experts speaking at the conference argue that they have what it takes to shower Egyptian traders with cash.
A similar option is still available for Israel, one that both would help it save face and grease the wheels of its own indirect negotiations with Syria.