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Most entry level accounting packages do little to accurately track and properly cost inventory," said John Silvani, President & CEO of Gravity Software.
Perhaps the private sector will develop a broader role in supporting theoretical physics, financing quantum gravity research and the like for prestige, tax breaks, or the chance of some future tech breakthrough.
According to gravitationalists, gravity applies in a straight line between different objects; gravity doesn't make things spin in circles.
Only a theory of gravity that includes dark matter can explain the separation, Clowe's team argues in an upcoming Astrophysical Journal Letters.
During the fall of 1986, the suggestion was made (based on a reanalysis of the early equivalence experiments of Baron von Eotvos) that gravity might have an up-to-this-point unrecognized short-range (centimeters to kilometers) component--dubbed the 5th Force [25].
You will feel the difference as gravity pulls you forward.
More than 200 athletes from 14 countries will take to the air from July 15 to 23 at the second annual summer Gravity Games in Providence, Rhode Island.
We're simply demanding that the pope "loosen up" and re-interpret the law of gravity in order to make it more relevant.
The UltraFine family of thermoset powders provides: high resilience, low specific gravity, non-friable properties, reinforcing properties, high specific surface areas, and contains antioxidants, antiozonants and UV inhibitors.
With a focus on enhancing client service, Gravity Financial, a Northeast-based full-service fund administrator, has implemented Geneva, the award-winning portfolio management system from Advent Software, Inc.
29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Gravity Software(TM) (Gravity) today announced special pricing with Gravity 2015 solution for qualifying nonprofits organizations.
Einstein's general theory of relativity, which depicts gravity as the curvature of space-time, had passed its first test.