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1. The recipient of a gift.

2. The beneficiary of a trust. A grantor places assets in the trust on behalf of the grantee and allows a trustee to administer them for a certain period of time.


A person who receives the title of real estate via a deed.
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Second, at the end of the grant period, grantees reported lower proportions of their local populations traveling to other hospitals for services that the grantee provided compared with the proportion they reported at the beginning of the period.
Recommendation: In order to improve key control processes over grant awards and monitoring of grantee program performance and grantee compliance, the President of LSC, and the Vice President for Programs and Compliance should establish and implement procedures to monitor Office of Compliance and Enforcement (OCE) grantee site visit report completion against the 120 day time frame provided in the OCE Procedures Manual.
One grantee said it was important to select interventions that are highly supported by evidence because they are less open to debate and more readily acceptable by staff.
The results of these studies were discussed in a conference of grantees in May 1996.
Few grantees focus exclusively on the skills-building components discussed above.
Grantee is a foreign government or any agency or instrumentality thereof or is an international organization designated as such by executive order under 22 USC Section 288 (even if not described in Sec.
The federal government often uses contractors and grantees to provide talent it cannot recruit, specialized services it cannot produce, competition it cannot generate among its own organizations, and equipment that it cannot and should not build itself," he wrote.
Continuous feedback between grantee organizations and participating facilities was of paramount importance in identifying gaps in data accuracy and completeness, in increasing sensitivity to the importance of creating and adhering to standardized data specifications, and in implementing best practice protocols for data collection and transmission.
agreement is a type of regulatory settlement in which the grantee agrees
The Mapper also includes Optional Map Elements such as grantee locations, rural health clinics, health professional shortage areas, county boundaries, and medically underserved populations.
Recommendation: HUD should require, at a minimum, that grantees submit their AIs to the department on a routine basis and that HUD staff verify the timeliness of the documents, determine whether they adhere to established format requirements, assess the progress that grantees are achieving in addressing identified impediments, and help ensure the consistency between the AIs and other required grantee reports, such as the Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report.
After expressing interest in a property, the First Look period will last approximately five to 12 business days, during which the NSP grantee will conduct inspections and establish costs to repair in anticipation of the financial institution's price offer.