golden hello

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Golden hello

A bonus a securities firm pays to attract an employee from a competing firm.

Golden Hello

A large signing bonus that a securities company such as a brokerage or a hedge fund pays to an employee that it "steals" from a competitor. The golden hello exists to entice the employee to change jobs. The company pays a golden hello when it believes that the employee will be a valuable resource for the company and, perhaps more importantly, his loss to the other company will create a competitive disadvantage.

golden hello

a large lump-sum payment made to a new employee of an organization as an inducement to join it.

golden hello

a large lump-sum payment made to a new director or worker of a company to attract him or her to join that company
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Some of the funding freed up from Golden Hellos will be used to develop a national programme with NHS Education for Scotland (NES) which will support GPs wishing to return to practice.
IF you failed to land a generous sponsor or bag a bursary, all is not lost - start looking for organisations offering the biggest golden hello.
There may also be Golden Hellos available to applicants joining one of the technical trades without qualifications or experience.
Ms Jensen said that golden hellos tended to be a short term measure and that retention bonuses might be a better option to stop the department haemorrhaging staff.
Foxley added: "We have a menu of incentives, so that if you are a young person going to teacher training college to do Gaelic teaching, you'll know you'll get a golden hello, some assistance with housing and help with your professional development.
He heralded a "revolution" in working patterns within the NHS and outlined his intention to give former midwives golden hellos worth up to pounds 3,000 to help them return to work after a break in service.
A third now offer golden hellos, compared to just a sixth in 2006 - a sign that employers are becoming increasingly desperate to find the right calibre staff.
The golden hellos and golden thanks are not the only schemes we have in Wales.
A senior MoD source said: "The golden hellos are in place and they can sign up immediately.
More firms are offering graduates an annual bonus, golden hellos and share options.
Report author Tony Garthwaite of Bridgend council called on councils to end golden hellos and competitive recruitment.
The reforms, proposed by the Teacher Training Agency (TTA), also include new golden hellos worth pounds 2,500 for religious education and music teachers.