golden handcuffs

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Golden handcuffs

A contract that binds a broker to a brokerage firm by offering the broker commissions and bonuses, but penalizes the broker if he or she goes to work for another firm.

Golden Handcuffs

An incentive that makes it very unlikely that an employee will leave a company. For example, an employer may offer an exceptionally good health insurance policy at a reduced cost to an employee. The term has a slightly negative connotation because some believe these incentives reduce innovation in an economy.

golden handcuffs

A lucrative incentive offered to a firm's executive in order either to keep him or her from moving to a job at another company or to buy the executive's longer-term cooperation after departure.
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A golden handcuffs provision can be stated simply within a letter of agreement or a full written employment agreement signed by an authorized association officer and the beneficiary executive.
During public question time, Alison Thomas of Abbey Meadows, Morpeth, asked how Coun Hillman to justify spending pounds 70,000 on the golden handcuffs payments at a time when the council was making pounds 4.
Walliams and Lucas, who recently signed a multi-million pound golden handcuffs deal with the BBC, are also planning a British spin-off show featuring their best-loved characters Lou and Andy.
NEWS today that Liverpool council's chief executive has received a golden handcuffs deal worth 20% during the next four years will no doubt cause concern among tax payers in our city.
LAST Sunday it was John Thaw, now it's the turn of Sarah Lancaster ; next week it will be the turn of Robson Green as ITV wheel out their big stars shackled to the company by some rather financially rewarding golden handcuffs.
A GOLDEN handcuffs deal has given a county council's three top bosses a 20% pay rise.
The experienced Wanderers manager signed a long-term deal with a golden handcuffs clause to stop him going elsewhere for nothing.
In 1999, he quit and moved to ITV in a two-year golden handcuffs deal worth a reported pounds 1.
A GOLDEN handcuffs deal, that will see Liverpool's chief executive David Henshaw receive a 4.
Football violence will not be controlled until the FA is prepared to lose some of their golden handcuffs from Sky, the BBC and ITV, who now say when kick-offs should take place, for the convenience of the armchair fans.
EASTENDERS' hardman Martin Kemp is to quit the soap after being poached by ITV with a two-year golden handcuffs deal, thought to be worth pounds 1million.
The Location, Location, Location stars have signed three-year golden handcuffs contracts worth more than pounds 1million each.