going private

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Going private

When publicly owned stock in a firm is replaced with complete equity ownership by a private group. The firm is delisted on stock exchanges and can no longer be purchased in the open markets.

Going Private

A process in which the senior management of a publicly-traded company or a small group of investors buys all of the company's shares outstanding. Going private gives the management or investor group complete control of the company and allows it to operate without recourse to shareholders. Going private is often highly leveraged. When the management purchases the company, one usually refers to the act as a management buyout.

going private

The process by which a publicly held company has its outstanding shares purchased by an individual or by a small group of individuals in order to obtain complete ownership and control. The group wishing to take the firm private may feel that the market is undervaluing the shares. In addition, the purchaser(s) may not wish to meet the various requirements imposed on a publicly held company. Also called management buyout.
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Third, the Board's duty is to all shareholders, not controlling family interest; any shareholder vote on going private should be a vote of only minority shareholders who stand to be left with a bulletin board listed stock issue.
Yet, despite the enormous impact the credit crisis had on the number of firms going private, some firms did indeed go private post the crisis, as is to be expected given the varying strategies of private-equity firm deal makers (Bacon et al.
The first thing that came to my mind when I read the news about Dell going private was that this might affect the quality and support of Dell equipment," Nguyen said.
Magnotta Winery Corporation (TSX: MGN), a Canada-based wine producing company, has announced its intention of going private.
In contrast, firms going private enjoy reasonable profits and abundant cash flow (Lehn and Poulsen, 1989; Denis, 1992; Opler and Titman, 1993).
If they have not written, it is unlikely that they will be going private.
Stockton South and Stockton North Labour MPs Dari Taylor and Frank Cook launched a blistering attack on The Dental Healthcare Centre in Fairfield, after it announced it was going private.
Hundreds joined the long line of people waiting on Monday and Tuesday to sign-on after receiving letters explaining the surgery was going private.
You're just going to see an awful lot of smaller public companies that are going private, point blank and simple," said Maurice Taylor, CEO of wheel-maker Titan International.
Ohio-based Waxman Industries is exploring going private in order to avoid the costs of compliance associated with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), according to an article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Yes, according to a recent report from financial consultant firm Grant Thornton that also found more small to midsized public companies contemplating going private.
Quote: ``I'm in the paper business, and the strong rumor is that ZCOM is going private.