going long

Going long

The investor's purchase of a security for investment or speculation that the price will rise resulting in a profit once the security is sold. See: long position. Antithesis of going short.

Go Long

To take a long position. That is, one goes long when one buys a security or derivative.

going long

Buying an investment.
References in classic literature ?
They could eat irregularly in time and quantity, gorging hugely on occasion, and on occasion going long stretches without eating at all.
Going short on the euro and profiting in line with every pip that it falls, or going long and profiting with every pip that it rises.
st] 2012, share prices had dropped to around the 162p mark meaning potential losses for traders going long above this price, and gains for others going short from the previous day's highs.
If we keep going long the defence is going to get tired running back all the time and being left wide open.
Power Course Instructor's Response: Since we are going long, it would be the next level of resistance.
The examination of students are going on and due to the on going long power outages they could not prepare themselves for their papers", they said.
But a more profitable trade in the fourth ODI between the sides at Multan tomorrow morning could prove to be going long of his skipper Shoaib Malik's efforts at 45 with IG.
Set during the devastation of the Great Depression, Running Mad follows the first-person perspective of nine-year-old Evan Fulton, whose inner resilience keeps him going long past the point when no one else thinks he can make it.
The well-reviewed ``Crashers,'' starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, got strong buzz going long before its July release after a string of early sneak previews.
Honduras' sugar industry is going long on the need to produce clean energy, investing $54 million.
Shirley Malone, and the hundreds of thousands of people like her, is the reason we've kept our Financial Fitness Contest going long enough to reach this tremendous milestone," says BE Personal Finance Editor Matthew S.
Perhaps local tree people can keep it going long enough to give you a cushion of time in which to get replacement trees established.