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JPM believes that using the procedures and protections available under the Bankruptcy Code will afford it the likeliest possibilities of finding financially sound purchasers of the operations as going concerns with substantially all of the workforce in place.
At the end of the class, each student should understand the issues and problems associated with valuing real property going concerns as well as know how to apply as actually have applied the various methods used.
Here's part of the confusion: Gas stations and convenience stores, for example, are commonly bought and sold as going concerns.
If the number of going concerns continues to rise at the level one research firm expects, there will be more than 3,500 audit opinions uncertain of their going concern assumptions in 2008.
The appraisal community's collective view on the partitioning of going concerns into components could potentially make a tremendous difference in how the field of real estate appraisal might evolve over the next few years and beyond.
If the businesses are sold as going concerns, it could save up to 140 jobs at Robbs and 180 in Sunderland.
The court relied on other cases that upheld transactions involving going concerns, even though the facts produced tax benefits (e.
59 was issued as an expectations gap standard to better serve financial statement users and to demonstrate the Auditing Standard Board's belief that auditors can and should take more responsibility for assessing the ability of their clients to continue as going concerns, one view is that SAS No.
In general, customer-structure intangibles acquired apart from going concerns were amortizable, whereas intangibles acquired as part of a going business were not.
If it is ultimately determined that rescission of the TSI transaction is not the proper remedy, and further, that either or both TSI and HNWC are not viable going concerns, the net loss would most likely be on the higher end of the range.
Because most viable operating enterprises trade as going concerns and inasmuch as most investors are not interested in allocating the value among the components, issues of the existence and magnitude of the non-real estate components and how they are to be allocated pose problems to anyone analyzing such transactions.
Topics covered include: international corporate recovery, Sales of going concerns under Section 363 of the US Bankruptcy Code, impact if a US bankruptcy filing on lenders' rights, cross-border insolvencies, standards on insolvency and creditor rights, anti-money laundering laws and their impact on pan European restructurings.