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Going private

When publicly owned stock in a firm is replaced with complete equity ownership by a private group. The firm is delisted on stock exchanges and can no longer be purchased in the open markets.

Going Private

A process in which the senior management of a publicly-traded company or a small group of investors buys all of the company's shares outstanding. Going private gives the management or investor group complete control of the company and allows it to operate without recourse to shareholders. Going private is often highly leveraged. When the management purchases the company, one usually refers to the act as a management buyout.

going private

The process by which a publicly held company has its outstanding shares purchased by an individual or by a small group of individuals in order to obtain complete ownership and control. The group wishing to take the firm private may feel that the market is undervaluing the shares. In addition, the purchaser(s) may not wish to meet the various requirements imposed on a publicly held company. Also called management buyout.
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This paper starts with a review of the current literature identifying organizational and institutional forces affecting the decision to go private.
Previous studies, which focused on the two previous periods of PTP activity, found that the decision to go private was often related to the firm's financial condition.
Hypothesis 6: The likelihood of a firm to go private decreases with Tobin' Q and stock performance.
5% for profit tax), we conjecture that firms in Hong Kong are unlikely to go private for tax benefits.
If you have things in your company that are undervalued, then yes, it's a good time to go private," Traber said.
Since the introduction of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the median size of announced going-private transactions [has more than halved], from $81 million to $39 million, and the number of proposed buyouts involving the management team as the method chosen to go private has increased approximately 80 percent," Grant Thornton said.
Of those who would go private, 71pc cited higher standards as the main reason.
That was too long for anyone to wait so he decided he had to go private.
Aqua Dental Care in Ashington, Northumberland, is to go private just two years after opening, with 5,000 patients on the books.
Geraldine Dargue, 37, learning mentor, Middlesbrough: "There's always going to be some who go private, but some should stay with the NHS so people have the choice.
As part of their programme to widen patient choice, the Tories are promising to pay up to 50 per cent of the cost of an NHS operation to those who go private, leaving them to make up the rest from their own funds or insurance.
But Warwick University spokeswoman Jenny Murray said: "It's unlikely that a university such as Warwick would go private.