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Going away

The type of bond purchased by dealers for immediate resale to investors, as opposed to purchasing a bond to hold for some amount of time, and then reselling it at a future date.

Going Away

1. Buying a bond with the intention to immediately resell it. Dealers practice going away; this only rarely affects the bond's price.

2. Buying a large amount of a serial bond with a given maturity. Institutional investors practice this form of going away most often.

going away

The purchase by institutional investors of large amounts of a serial bond issue in a particular maturity.
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had customers decline to purchase policies used in estate planning because of talk that the estate tax might go away, said Dan Peterson, vice president of sales and marketing for the U.
Scripture says if a call doesn't go away, it's truly from God.
Mother warning, if DOMS doesn't pretty much go away in about a week, it may not be DOMS.
Many of them go away on their own as a child gets older.
These disorders are usually mild and go away when the colitis is treated.
DAVID REED That Tune I WAKE up in the morning with a tune in my head It's even there when I get out of bed Although I try to think of something else When it won't go away I get quite tense I wonder where have I heard that tune before It's still in my head when I walk out the door I hum out loud as I walk down the street That tune in my head I still repeat I wonder if it will be there all day I think to myself will it never go away Then suddenly without any warning It's gone when I wake up in the morning ALAN WATERHOUSE, Seaton Delaval
RADLEY DENNIS May 26th 3 years today (Remembering you is easy I do it every day, missing you is something that will never go away.
A smile can hide the sadness, a tear can be wiped away, but the heartache of losing you, will never go away.
The research also highlighted that an increasing number of people are choosing, or would prefer, to go away with friends, other couples, and extended family, rather than just their parents and children.
com, found 20 per cent of Brits will not go away this summer while 12 per cent are going to holiday in the UK instead.
And Nolan said: "When managers go away moaning that is the way we want it.
With thousands of people going away this summer, the Welsh Blood Service is reminding the public to give blood before they go away.