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Going away

The type of bond purchased by dealers for immediate resale to investors, as opposed to purchasing a bond to hold for some amount of time, and then reselling it at a future date.

Going Away

1. Buying a bond with the intention to immediately resell it. Dealers practice going away; this only rarely affects the bond's price.

2. Buying a large amount of a serial bond with a given maturity. Institutional investors practice this form of going away most often.

going away

The purchase by institutional investors of large amounts of a serial bond issue in a particular maturity.
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CONTRARY to popular belief, December is not the cheapest time to jet off on holiday - in fact, it's the second most popular time to go away.
I didn't get drunk or have sex or do anything wrong, but my mum insists that I have to go away with her.
Even on the bad Sundays when the world is so overwhelming that Jonah yells at his new big sisters and tells them to go away, they never do.
I might stay with my family on Christmas Day and then go away for New Year SHAKIN' STEVENS: "I spend Christmas like anyone else - eating turkey or chicken, then raising a glass and hoping for good health in the coming year.
Given the number of local riders entered to date, most will go away with more.
John Malone, Wirral's principal trading standards officer, said: ``Anyone who has had problems with Go Away Holidays is asked to contact our hotline on 666-5288.
Just burying our heads and pretending it will go away will not work,'' he said.
We've asked the team to be more resilient when they go away against teams like Coventry and we were that.
I've got a great trainer in Jim Kilty and I just count myself very lucky that I didn't have to go away - although I enjoyed some warm weather training in Portugal in April.
The prince, pictured, told a guest at the opening of the British Museum's Enlightenment Gallery last night that the tradition of fox hunting would never go away.
Remembering you is easy Mum, I do it everyday, missing you is something that will never go away, at peace with Dad.
Go Away Holidays Ltd, based in Victoria Parade, New Brighton, allegedly offered people a free European holiday in exchange for an administration fee.